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Belt Resizing

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Is your brand new (or old) Belt too large? No worries, resizing is the best solution to getting it to fit exactly to your waist size.

How To Measure How Much To Cut?

The answer is simple, you do the marking, and we do the measuring!

1. You will begin by trying on the belt and looping it through and tightening it up to where you would buckle it and wear it. 

2. With a white fabric pencil or masking tape, mark where the buckle pin would be inserted to ensure it would fit your waist.

3. Include your waist size on a note with the belt so we can refer and ensure it was marked properly. 


Please Note: We are not responsible if you do not mark it correctly or include the wrong size. Once the resizing is complete, we are not able to reverse it. Please ensure you marked it correctly and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! We are always here to help you.